Reflections In A Sunday Mirror selected for Short+Sweet Sydney Top 80

Black Box Theatre is very proud to announce that Reflections in a Sunday Mirror, its submission to Short+Sweet Sydney, the world’s largest short play festival, has been successful and will appear in the Top 80 early in 2014 at the King St Theatre, Newtown.

Written by award-winning playwright Maree Teychenné, this chilling music drama will be directed by Short+Sweet Silver Artist, Luke Berman. Composer Steven Capaldo has written a haunting and equally chilling score for the work and will now take on the role of Musical Director.

Reflections in a Sunday Mirror is an abstract piece which weaves performance poetry with music and the spoken word. It’s built around three different, unrelated poems: Bare Trees, Identity Unknown and Treacle & Stars (Third Prize in the Second BraVado International Poetry Competition, New Zealand 2005).

The very talented Rebecca Wall plays Jacqueline – a cabaret performer and prostitute who’s full of hatred and sorrow since the Nazi invasion of her beloved native France. Set inside the dressing room of a cabaret café which also serves as a brothel for Nazi officers in occupied France, Reflections In A Sunday Mirror is a unique and gripping piece of ten-minute theatre that is not to be missed!



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