TEAM CAPTAINS | 24 Hour Theatre Illawarra 2022


7:30pm | Saturday 6th August

at the Bridge Street Theatre
Located next to Coniston Train Station

Tickets: $25/$20


From blank page to the stage, in just 24 hours.

After making the difficult decision to hold off productions of 24 Hour Theatre since the beginning of the pandemic, Black Box is firing up for a massive return of one of the Illawarra most anticipated annual events.

We are excited to announce our seven “team captains” – those actors who have been chosen to lead their fellow thespians through their sole rehearsal day – and step on stage that same night.

This year we have 34 artists taking on the challenge including our seven writers David, Tom, Alexander, Hayley, Sarah, Tegan, Riley, and Kelly-Maree.

As always, none of our artists know who they will be working with until 24 Hours Prior to the performance.

Be sure to book tickets early as this is a one night only event, there are limited tickets available.


Cathy Bates (Marrickville)
Bradley Ward (Wollongong)
Sophie Baylis (Wollongong)
Dylan Horvat (Shellharbour)
Julian Levanic (Leumeah)
Gabriela Gonzalez (North Wollongong)
Jordan Cunningham (Shellharbour)


Cathy began her community acting career at age 15 in musical theatre. As a contralto (which she’s heard described as ‘the least useful vocal range’) she rarely got any singing roles but got to learn how to harmonise with just about anything. She eventually found her way to non-musical theatre and has performed in lead and ensemble roles with Workshop Theatre, Dodo Express, Roo Theatre, the Phoenix Theatre and the New Theatre. In 2000 she started a 15-year theatre hiatus to sing professionally in duos and bands (so much for that least useful vocal range) but has since returned to her first love – where she is now occasionally allowed to sing onstage.

I’ve never done anything like this before and it looks like a lot of fun!

Cathy Bates


Bradley Ward graduated from the University of Wollongong in 2013 with a Bachelor of Performance (Acting) and has spent the almost ten years since pursuing unique and interesting performance opportunities. As a result, Bradley has performed in upwards of 30 scripted works, spanning the spectrum from classic plays to musicals to original works. Recently, you can find him performing in a series of improvised shows across Sydney and Wollongong, inventing entire plays on the spot.

24 Hour Theatre is one of the most adrenaline inducing theatrical events I have ever had the pleasure to be involved in. It’s pure and collaborative approach to creation inspired me at a time when I’d forgotten why I loved theatre, and I will always be grateful for that.

Bradley Ward


Sophie is a theatre and acting enthusiast who fell in love with drama at secondary school. Although she graduated a while ago and has only recently rekindled her passion through a role in a dark family drama, she still finds herself coming alive when creating and performing a visual piece for others to enjoy. She adores dramas and comedies alike, and while she usually desires a pivotal, lead role, she loves all things theatre: from script, to stage, to set and costume creation. She is always excited to challenge herself, learn from others, and be inspired by talented creators and performers to expand her scope within the industry.

The concept of 24 Hour Theatre reminds me of drama class at secondary school. My classmates and I would be given a script and only a short amount of time to create a piece to perform to an audience. We’d work together, share ideas, laugh, support and motivate each other, take to the stage, and ultimately be proud of what we had produced and achieved. For me, there is no better way to make friends, and no adrenaline rush like it!

Sophie Baylis


This will be Dylan’s 5th time performing in 24 Hour Theatre. He started acting in 2004 at age 11 and in his 18 years, he has starred in countless local theatre shows such as Noises Off, Get Smart, Heathers Blackadder Goes Forth and the main role of Max in Magnum Opus.

As well as experience in standup comedy and improv comedy, he’s also been on the prod/creative team/crew for shows such as Something Wicked, Side by Side, Peter Pan, Virus, Lost Along the Way, SignAL, Wild, Deja Vu, Tales from the Wasteland & Tales from the Metropolis.

24 Hour Theatre gives me a chance to be able to act in something original without a long rehearsal period. I love that us actors get to have a say in who we’re playing and what the play could be, and then just have faith in our writer to create something wonderful.

Dylan Horvat


Julian Levanic is a casual actor who has participated in many Illawara theatre events from: Short and Sweet to Playmates, and even our beloved 24-hour theatre. Although taking a short hiatus, Julian bounces back into the limelight seeking an opportunity to play side characters from a range of comedic and serious roles.

It is fun and exciting! A Great challenge with great result. Glad to be back.

Julian Levanic


Gabriela is studying a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Theatre)/Bachelor of Communication and Media (Global Screen Media) at UOW. She has taken the stage in musicals such as Mrs Harcourt in ‘Anything Goes’, Sister Sophia in ‘Sound of Music’ and Cha Cha in ‘Grease’, and has also acted in the University Theatre Production ‘The Dazzling Grey Area’, Waitress in ‘Spell it Out’ and Hannah in ‘The Fortune Teller’.

It’s been too long since I last hit the stage, and even longer since I’ve done 24-hour theatre. I wanna challenge myself and see if my new experiences can be seen in my acting skills and abilities.

Gabriel Gonzalez


Jordan has been performing since his first community production of Hairspray in 2013 and hasn’t stopped since. He has played the title role in Dracula as well as countless musicals and plays since and his love for all things horror has helped him in his pursuit in the arts. He is currently directing Neverending Story at Roo Theatre and is absolutely loving the time off stage to get creative but also truly misses being on stage. Jordan recently graduated with his Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing at UOW and is in the process of finalising his first full length play!

I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve missed being on stage and the challenge of remembering lines and surviving that one take we get, gives me such a rush. I’ll just do it and pray for the best!

Jordan Cunningham


7:30pm Saturday 6th August

at the Bridge Street Theatre
Located next to Coniston Train Station

Tickets: $25/$20

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