International Films | Wildcard Quarter Finals

A quick sneak peak at our International Wildcard Finalists for the SHORT+SWEET ILLAWARRA FILM FESTIVAL 2021

A more creative world: ten-minutes at a time.

Sat 23 Oct | 7:30 PM
at the Bridge Street Theatre Coniston (Phoenix Theatre)
All tickets $15

Vote for your top three films, the winners advancing to our Wollongong and Nowra Heat Season.

Road to Ruin | New York, USA

Written and directed by Jesse Smolan

A Skateboard Murder Mystery.
Key Cast: Rick Smolan, Jesse Smolan, Ellen Erwitt

The Break Fast Truck | USA

Written and Directed by Alex Gust

It might be too late for a man tasked with an impossible mission, but he has to try!
Key Cast: Alex Gust

Love Blood Pain | Porto Alegre, BRAZIL

Written and Directed by Magnum Borini

A mysterious photographer wanders through the São Paulo nightlife, in search for another subject for her work. An unusual encounter will lead to a mix of feelings and sensations.

Key Cast: Aline Szpakowski and Rute Nascimento

The Young Hen Eats Grains of Wheat | Les Lilas, FRANCE

Written and directed by Ann Barbier

This evening Odile receives her brother and her sister-in-law who will participate in a game show without their knowledge. Filmed by three hidden cameras, Odile will have 2 minutes to make them say an imposed sentence and earn 200,000 euros!
Key Cast: Valmer Karine, Godart Elodie, Abraham Fabrice, Maillard Arnaud


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