Inspired from the TV series Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Friday 6th December 2019 at 7:30pm
Burelli Street Wollongong

Playmates returns for its 14th consecutive year of bringing together the many theatre and entertainment companies in the Illawarra. Can Workshop Theatre defend their crown? Will University take back the title they owned for two years? Can Wollongong Comedy steal the trophy for the first time? Book now and find out!

Inspired from the TV comedy series Whose Line is it Anyway? – the audience will dictate what the teams of actors will play out, with much-loved games such as Opera, Slow Motion Commentary, Scenes from A Hat, Moving Bodies and Show-Stopping Number.

Produced by Luke Berman, Black Box Productions
Hosted by Bradley Ward, Rising Arts Productions

2019 Teams:
Wollongong Workshop Theatre (defending champions)
University (2019 runners up)
Roo Theatre Company
Stanwell Park Arts Theatre (SPAT)
Wollongong Comedy
Black Box Productions


Playmates 2018 Winners:

In what was again one of the closest Playmate’s in its thirteen-year history, the winners have been crowned!

2018 Playmates Champions are Wollongong Workshop Theatre starring Feargus Manning, Bryson Grenfell, Dayle Raftery and Isabelle Fredericks.

The defeated 2016/2017 champions University in the Grand Final round.

The Vu Moyo Player’s Player award was given to Dylan Horvat from Roo Theatre, whose team also was selected as favourite team by both the audience (People’s Choice) and the other teams (Playmates Award).

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