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Auditions: Proof

written by David Auburn

Audition registrations are now open for Pulitzer-Prize-Winning Drama, Proof by David Auburn. We are looking for an experienced cast to play four strong characters in this truly beautiful play. We are looking for actors with the ability to form a genuine connection to their characters, have good stagecraft and emotional range.

Auditions will take place on Thursday 12th December (evening) and Sunday 15th December (afternoon).

Small group/partner scenes/extracts, audition scenes and character information sent upon registration.

Season: 20-28 March 2020 at the Bridge Street Theatre

Rehearsals begin early January.


Robert, fifties
Catherine, twenty-five
Hal, twenty-eight
Claire, twenty-nine

Catherine a brilliant young woman, daughter of a world-respected mathematician. Catherine, having a special bond with her father battles with the question “is she as crazy as her father, or is she brilliant”. Catherine drops out of university to care for him fulltime until he finally passes some time later.  She is somewhat unstable, defensive, idealistic through a mask of logic. She battles not only with the passing of her father, her feelings for Hal, her friction with Claire – but with fear and trust. Her journey is finding the balance between what is brilliance and what is insanity, and where love fits in her formula of life.

Claire the sister who moved off to New York and the odd-one-out of a family of brilliant mathematicians, is a controlled and centred character. Catherine’s older sister, Claire has returned to the home in Chicago (that she’s paying for) after the death of their father Robert. Claire has already sold the house to the university and plans to take an unstable Catherine back to New York to care for her. Her relationship with Catherine is someone antagonistic, but mainly due to such different personality types. They both love each other but have never dealt with their differences.

Robert Catherine and Claire’s father. Having revolutionised three mathematical fields, he exists in Proof as both man and memory. A challenging role requiring a fine balance of intelligence, passion and warmth.

Hal A former student of Robert’s. Bright, intelligent scientist. Hal forces the audience to confront the notion of what is a nerd. Having a healthy social life including drumming for a band, Hal carries enthusiastic and positive energy. Hal’s affections for Catherine coupled with his love for his mentor culminates in a very passionate yet levelled character. Having made a connection with Catherine, he is quickly confronted with the daunting task of proving ownership of a history-making proof Catherine claims to have written.


On the eve of her twenty-fifth birthday, Catherine, a troubled young woman, has spent years caring for her brilliant but unstable father, a famous mathematician. Now, following his death, she must deal with her own brilliance as well as the doubt of her sanity.

“A touching study in filial devotion, as brilliant people struggle against their fears of madness.” Michael Sommers, New York Times.

Produced by Black Box Productions
Directed by Luke Berman
Stage Manager: Ashton Neylon
Asst Director: Jordan Lide

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