Australian Films | Wildcard Quarter Finals

A quick sneak peak at our Australian Wildcard Finalists for the SHORT+SWEET ILLAWARRA FILM FESTIVAL 2021

A more creative world: ten-minutes at a time.

Sat 23 Oct | 7:30 PM
at the Bridge Street Theatre Coniston (Phoenix Theatre)
All tickets $15

Vote for your top three films, the winners advancing to our Wollongong and Nowra Heat Season.


Jack’s Rollback | Canberra, ACT

Written and directed by Rohin John

Journalist – Jack, is an opportunist who thrives on publishing news out of people’s miseries. Jack suffers a series of black outs for which he does not have an answer to. Jack begins to investigate the cause of his black outs.
Key Cast: Dale Thain, Aaron Sims, John Rogers, Adele Lewin, Ashish George, Jasmin Shojai, Craig Cooper, Alyssa Thain

Posthumous Forgiveness | Sydney, NSW

Written and Directed by Melody Chen

Having failed to reconcile with his unsupportive late father, a troubled young comedian questions his career when he comes home to visit his ill-tempered uncle.
Key Cast: Richie Wu, Leonard Sun

Roadside | Sydney, NSW

Written by  Joel Oliver
Directed by Tarni Sneddon

When Riley’s car breaks down so does he.
Key Cast: Ross Perkins, Aaron Pirini

Prey School | Sydney, NSW

Written and directed by Angus Middleton

Join Adam and Lucy as they learn to count, that it’s okay to be scared and how to live through a global pandemic.  
Key Cast: Thomas “Wombat” Goth-Towney, Tiffany Wong, Ranjeet Manjrekar


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