Illawarra Films | Wildcard Quarter Finals

A quick sneak peak at our Illawarra Wildcard Finalists for the SHORT+SWEET ILLAWARRA FILM FESTIVAL 2021

A more creative world: ten-minutes at a time.

Sat 23 Oct | 7:30 PM
at the Bridge Street Theatre Coniston (Phoenix Theatre)
All tickets $15

Vote for your top three films, the winners advancing to our Wollongong and Nowra Heat Season.

It all Started with the Fires | Thirroul

Written and directed by Gabriel McCarthy

2020. From 3 billion creatures dying, the global pandemic, to the Trump Impeachment, Beirut travesty, Floyd’s death, American riots, to wearing mask and isolating at home, to the Biden and Harris victory… it all started with the Australian fires.

Key Cast: Gabriel McCarthy, Larry G Jones

Starlight (Popasaurus) | Oak Flats

Written and Directed by Chad Steele

In the music video for Popasaurus’ ‘Starlight,’ a lone space farer floats through the abyss of space as she in enveloped by the cosmos.

Helsreach | Wollongong

Written and directed by Richard Bolland

A gripping fan movie trailer inspired by Warhammer.

Get Off the Grass | Wollongong/Sutherland

Written and directed by Kristina Cetinski

An Australian woman deals with some unwanted house guests.


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