Black Box Theatre

24 Hour Theatre Illawarra

From blank page to the stage – in 24 Hours!

7:30pm Saturday 6th August 2022
at the Bridge Street Theatre Coniston
(home of the Phoenix Theatre Co.)

Produced by Black Box Productions
Executive Producer Luke Berman

Produced as part of Black Box Production’s residency at the Bridge Street Theatre and the Phoenix Theatre Co.

Illawarra’s most exciting theatre challenge returned to the stage after taking a long vacation during the COVID pandemic. This year we showcased seven short plays that were written, rehearsed and performed all within 24 hours.

Congratulations to all our writers, actors and production team members who each took on the challenge of sailing into the unknown, and we are happy to say we all navigated the waters triumphantly.

Several of our 24 Hour Theatre Illawarra plays this year will be given a second life mid-September at the Short+Sweet Illawarra Theatre festival.