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Proof Teaser Temp


Written by David Auburn
Directed by Luke Berman

Season Postponed
Bridge Street Theatre Coniston

Bookings Closed
Unfortunately, our production of Proof has been postponed to our 2021 Season due to the Corona Pandemic. Black Box Productions would like to thank the hard-working cast and crew for all their hard work. They have all vowed to come back together next year.

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An enigmatic woman, her brilliant father, and an unanticipated suitor. After the discovery of a groundbreaking proof, Catherine is confronted with the question of how much of her mathematician father’s brilliance did she inherit – and is that the only thing he passed on to her? Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, David Auburn’s Proof is a moving exploration of the nature of genius, women in mathematics, and father-daughter relationships.

Cast: Lisa Omodie (Catherine), Gordon Streek (Robert), Zac Chadwick (Hal), Mel Ringer (Claire)

Stage Manager | Ashton Neylon
Asst Director | Jordan Lide