2014 Season Update: Sydney Premiere of Trainspotting and Reflections In A Sunday Mirror

Black Box Theatre is currently finalising plans for its Sydney premiere of TRAINSPOTTING (adapted by Harry Gibson from Irvine Welsh’s novel). Directed by Luke Berman, TRAINSPOTTING will open its season at the King Street Theatre, Newtown, in April/May 2014. Black Box Theatre is also negotiating with several venues in Wollongong and Canberra for an extended tour of this bold and gripping drama. Also, stay tuned for Black Box Theatre’s submission to Short+Sweet Sydney with Maree Teychenne’s chilling music drama Reflections in a Sunday Mirror. This will also be directed by Luke Berman with musical direction and composition by Dr Steven Capaldo.

Black Box Theatre is also shortlisting other creative works for 2014, including Think Tank, Deb Mulhall’s comedy Hell’s Belles, 24 hour Theatre, Playmates Illawarra and Playmates Western Suburbs.

Stay tuned.


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