Team Captains Interview | 24 Hour Theatre Illawarra 2019

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Black Box Theatre is pleased to announce its ten Team Captains for this Saturday’s 24 Hour Theatre Illawarra. The excitement and intrigue is building, particularly surrounding which of these team captains will be given a monologue to learn and perform in a single day. Our writers will also be looking on with interest, they too will be waiting to see who their team will be, or which of them will be writing the monologue!

24 Hour Theatre Executive Producer Luke Berman recently announced to the cast that this year there will only be one monologue, and the monologue will be performed by a female actress – who will be one of the five female captains announced today.

This year’s team captains are Bradley Ward, Lisa Omodei, Rory Holloway, Sophie Bentley, Nick Lewis, Kaylee Ashton, Andrew Gobran, Stephanie McAuley, Julian Levanic and Kiah Sassall.

Producer Luke Berman interviewed our team captains about what they are looking forward to this weekend.

Why did you want to perform in 24 Hour Theatre?

Kaylee: It is a very unique environment to make theatre under time pressure as short as 24 hours. I believe it would be a beneficial experience to work closely with actors within a time constraint such as this. I also adore the Illawarra Theatre Scene and would love to continue with this awesome project.

Julian: It is a good opportunity to sharpen my wit and hone my skills as an actor. Also, I can tell there is some good fun to be had.

Michaela: I want to open my door again to acting and performing. I have not done in it in such a long time especially having moved interstate. I know many people in the theatre that I would love to reconnect with and I cannot wait to meet and work with new people in the Illawarra.

Sophie: It’s a highlight in my year, and the thrill of putting together a short performance in a day is always a blast.

Andrew: I love performing in the theatre! I love the concept and the excitement and anticipation that doing a play in 24 hours would have.

Rory: 24 Hour Theatre is an awesome opportunity to practice my skills of creating a performance as well as sticking to scripts and learning lines in such a tight time limit. I’m also super looking forward to working in a team that I might not have worked with before. To entertain an audience is always the best part for me.

Nick: I’m always looking for a new challenge, and 24 Hour Theatre is sure to be a wonderful challenge!

Stephanie: After doing it last year, I enjoyed it so much I want to do it again!


Kiah: Because I’m crazy enough to come back for more after participating in the challenge last year.

Brad: 24 Hour Theatre is a thrilling and unique experience, that pushes your skills as an actor in a way that is safe and enjoyable. You either get the opportunity to meet and work with new artists, or to experiment with new roles and forms surrounded by artists you trust.

What would say your greatest strengths are as an actor?

Kaylee: Movement or physical based comedy.

Michaela: I’m a loud, enthusiastic and motivated risk-taker!

Julian: Adaptable, in the sense that I experiment well with my roles. I also take advice and direction well to enhance the effect of my characterisation.

Sophie: Diversity, adaptability. I also can take direction well.

Andrew: I can react and cover on stage to my fellow cast members – which might come in handy if we forget lines for the show! I’m also versatile with the types roles I can play.

Rory: As an actor I hold a great amount of stage presence. Over the years I have developed a great vocal power and resonance and I believe I can hold my own with good comic timing.

Nick: I am driven to succeed and flexible with whatever needs doing.

Lisa: Comedic timing, strong stage presence. Commitment and passion for the work.

Kiah: Greatest strengths? Working with conflict within a scene. Drama, romance, sarcastic characters.

Bradley: I am very quick to learn lines, and am willing to give almost anything a try. I move easily between genres, and am equally comfortable in both drama and comedy. I have a strong voice and stage presence, and do not shy away from experimentation.

If you had a choice, what would you like your writer to write for you?

Kaylee: A religious satire!

Michaela: A play about a fairy who has amnesia.

Julian: I want to play an antagonist, like a psychopath. I’m not a psychopath I promise, but I’d love to give it a go.

Sophie: Something that people are going to remember past that night, and has depth to it.

Andrew: Oh that’s a very tough question! Possibly if it’s a short play one where I’m in a relationship and I have just landed a dream role in Hollywood and the decision of leaving my beautiful girlfriend to follow my dreams or stay with the status quo of a D-grade actor picking up minor roles and working a full-time job.

Nick: A crazy plot about mental health, something exploring gay themes or anything that is totally out there!

Lisa: Probably a comedy, but something with real meaning. Bitter-sweet endings or even something that just moves the audience. Fun but meaningful, ya feel?

Kiah: A meaty, tension filled dramatic role. Facing conflict, struggling to make a decision.

Bradley: Something with the powerful character dynamics of Angels in America; the existential dread and philosophical depth of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead; the witty one liners of The Importance of Being Earnest; the dark avant garde poetry of 4.48 Pyschosis; the social awareness of The Caucasian Chalk Circle; the violent and bloody conclusion of Hamlet; and the killer soundtrack of The Rocky Horror Show.

How confident are you in being able to learn your lines in a day?

Michaela: Very confident. If I can learn all 29 children’s names, their routines, and they’re belongings in a day I believe I’d be very confident learning lines to a short play in a day.


Julian: The more time I spend with a script the better. I am usually good at paraphrasing after initial read but to nail it I need to consistently work at the lines with the group as well as by myself.

Kaylee: Very confident in monologues. Alright at conversational lines. I’m pretty confident either way.

Andrew: I am confident in learning lines quickly. I have done a number of acting workshops where they have given us short scripts to learn in an hour.

Kiah: I’m confident enough learning a substantial amount of lines in twelve hours. But give the twenty-page long Cuff script to someone else though please!

Rory: Even in a time limit of 4 months I always take a “close enough” mentality to my lines. I’ll know what they are trying to say and I will usually say something pretty close to that. But I think if I dedicate myself to it for the day I’ll be able to get them down pretty well.

Nick: I’m not too sure as this will be the first time doing it. Here’s hoping!

Stephanie: I’m very confident in learning lines.  I have a really good memory. (Touch wood)

Lisa: I will learn ALL OF THE LINES. Safe to say, I am pretty good.

Bradley: When I was a writer for a previous 24 Hour Theatre, I wrote a 35-minute long play that the actors had to learn. I’m expecting revenge and I’m ready to smash it!

Want to learn more about our captains and the rest of the cast? Catch up on our two cast announcements: Announcement #1 | Announcement #2

Want to learn more about our writers for 24 Hour Theatre? Read our two writer announcements: Announcement #1 | Announcement #2

Haven’t booked your tickets yet? Click here to secure your seat. Don’t delay as tickets are selling fast!


7:30pm Saturday 11th May
at the Bridge Street Theatre, Coniston

Tickets $22 Adult | $17 Student/Concession
$12 Pensioners & Carers

24 Hour Theatre is the ultimate theatre challenge for writers and actors. Writers are faced with the harshest of deadlines, a completed and completely original short play is written in the middle of the night which MUST be completed by the morning.

Our teams of actors will start rehearsals in the morning and will have only that day to learn their lines, interpret the vision of the writer, block their play and perform that same evening in front of a live audience.

This is short-form theatre at its frantic best.


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