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Our writers have all created their original scripts, and our ten teams of actors are now busy rehearsing their plays! Congratulations to all our writers for creating some truly amazing short plays, written between 10:30am last night and finishing by 5am this morning.

The plays that will be presented tonight to a full house are:


Unclaimed Baggage

Written by Tom Peach (Monologue)

Unclaimed Baggage is a short monologue about a rich young woman called Figtree Saint Clements. On a cruise holiday with her husband Gerald, and several hundred unwashed ordinary people, she has time to think about her life, her loves, and what next.


Hollywood Ending

Written by Malika Elizabeth

Three women find themselves in a waiting room. Each has very different wants and desires. Two are old friends. Two are new. All of them are getting ready to do things they’ve never done before. And no, that’s not a kinky synopsis for a porn. It’s about affirming happiness.


How We Fall ( fire thatson of a bitch)

Written by Brendan Bate

Buck Dowd is down on his luck. Trouble at home and the daily routine are taking their toll. Thank God Buck has it all sorted out at Acro Industries. His latest report into fellow workman Rami Malouf will certainly see Buck’s star continue to shine in the eyes of his somewhat overbearing boss, Ron.


Still Water

Written by Dylan Gee

When Duke Francesco Mozzarella turns up dead the only man to find out who did it is Constable Nimbin of Scotland Yard, a veteran of a thousand street murders. But who killed the duke, was it Sir Stilton; the opium-addicted Dandy, his arch nemesis Lord Wensleydale; Corrupt Cheese Lord of London or was it Stilton’s unassuming French Butler Mr Camembert; ever loyal and polite. What are they all hiding, who smoked what, who did you, maybe you’ll never know, the only way to find out is to watch.


Brothers in Law

Written by Alexander Cuff

Richard and Cylus are new partners in the police force, about to interrogate a suspected crime lord. They all have equal claim to be, and to not be, brothers. Who is right, and who is even more wrong?


Killer Within

Written by Inga Silfr Jon

In a world of mass influence, how do you find your voice? How do you even begin to segregate the difference between fantasy and reality? Sometimes looking to the roots of learning and existence are the only way to see where we went wrong. At the end of the day there is a fine line between love and hate, and the idiots of the world are that line.


There Will Be Lies

Written by Charlotte Cuff

Ekel and Yonda are spies for a secret academy. Despite their extensive training, they are kidnapped whilst on a mission to capture the infamous Juarhala and her recent employee Smephanie. The four women struggle over the contents of a box uncover the lies that have spiralled into the strange entanglement of their lives.


A Dirty Job

Written by James Turnbull

A duo of super villains discover the final ingredient to their Immortality Serum in a Russian military base, the mummified penis of Rasputin. However, their bonds are not quite as strong as they seem as more villains appear after the same prize, causing them to question mortality, success and Rasputin’s penis.


The Devil’s Dictionary

Written by Diana McLaren

Sam, Jen and Mag are just trying to have a quiet night at home and relax when Georgia wanders in and announces she has killed Charlie. They attempt to help her and understand what happened to various degrees of success. Georgia feels like she’s loosing her mind. She thinks her friends are helping her keep a grip on reality but are they what she really needs?


All My Friends Are Dead

Written by David Rienits

Wallace, Charles, Maurice and William are the four members of a group of kids performers. Once upon a time things were going great, but now on the verge of forced retirement, and dealing with a death in the cast, they need to find the energy to begin their last year of production. Battered and bruised, the four put on a happy face and preach a message that they don’t really believe in the form of a new song about a butterfly and how you should always look forward to the future.


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