24 Hour Theatre: First Round Writers and Actors

Black Box Theatre would like congratulate the first round of writers and actors who will be taking part of this year’s 24 Hour Theatre Illawarra. We had a record 13 writers apply to participate all of which are of very high standard.

We have selected six writers to take part in the production, and we also have several writers on stand-by, and will be brought into the mix when more actors register over the next couple of weeks. These actors will join the 14 actors already locked in ready to take on the 24 Hour Theatre challenge.

If you are an actor and you want to join in, our second round of actor registrations are now open. Register here.

Congratulations to our writers for 24 Hour Theatre

  • Tom Peach
  • David Rienits
  • Alexander Cuff
  • Rebecca Ellis
  • Bradley Ward
  • Sevgi Murphy

Congratulations to our round one cast:

  • Adam Armitt
  • Alex Groombridge
  • Bernadette Le Mesurier
  • Beth McGoldrick-Fuller
  • Bryson Grenfell
  • Charmaine Sharp
  • Inga Silfr
  • Jarrod Sleiman
  • Kirra McGoldrick
  • Lisa Omodei
  • Mathew Latham
  • Natalie McConchie
  • Robert Bruce
  • Sophie Bentley



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