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Playmates will return for its twelfth annual improvised theatre showcase bringing together six theatre and performance groups from the Illawarra region.

Inspired from the TV series Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Playmates is more than a night of improvised comedy, it is a celebration of the diversity of local talent, and a symbol of friendship and cooperation between all Illawarra Theatre Companies.

Playmates will perform for one night only, 7:30pm Saturday 2nd December 2017 and will have teams of actors representing last year’s champions University, runners up Wollongong Workshop Theatre, Roo Theatre, Stanwell Park Arts Theatre (SPAT), The Drama Studio, and crowd favourites Wollongong Comedy.

This year, our showcase will be held at Project Central – home of Illawarra Youth Arts Project (formerly the Project Art space, behind Amigos Wollongong). Our move from City Diggers Club is expected to be only for a year or two, while we work the annual date to earlier in the region’s theatre calendar.

Regular playmates host and Sydney improvisation expert Jim Fishwick returns as our charismatic host, who will guide our local actors through many improv games, and perform the scenes that the audience want to see! Playmates never fails to deliver a night of fun, laughs and lasting memories.


Artistic Director | Luke Berman
Production Manager | Monica Kickert
Host | Jim Fishwick
Music Man | David Wassink


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