Playmates Cast Announcement

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7:30pm Friday 16th December | City Diggers Club Wollongong

We are proud to announce another electric cast for Playmates this Friday night 7:30pm at City Diggers Club in Wollongong.

Stanwell Park Arts Theatre are looking to defend their very first trophy against a fired-up University team out to avenge their narrow defeat to SPAT in last year’s Grand Final round.

Crowd favourites from Wollongong Comedy are fielding a team made up completely of Stand Up Comedians, while 2-time winners The Drama Studio are putting forward an incredibly strong team of graduates from their acting school operating out of the IPAC.

Playmates foundation groups Wollongong Workshop Theatre and Roo Theatre complete our teams for the night, with both community theatre groups raising the trophy twice in previous years.


The cast for Playmates XI

Roo Theatre: Dylan Horvatt (captain), James Turnball, Damian Ryan and Jarrod Sleiman

Wollongong Workshop Theatre: Glenn Wanstall (captain), Luke Reeves, Debbie Neilson and Erin Bubb

University: Alexander Cuff (captain), Bradley Ward, Sam Sweeting and Lisa Omodei

SPAT: Vu Moyo (captain), Diana McLaren and Courtney Moses

The Drama Studio: Mathew Latham (captain), Evan Kerr, Bec Ellis and Sam Lovell

Wollongong Comedy: Stu MacPherson (captain), Adam Armitt, Sally Lopez and Wayne Peoples

Tickets are available at the door, or you can secure your seat at All tickets $15 and tables on level 1 are $80 which admit 8 to Playmates.


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