Play Announcement – 24 Hour Theatre 2016

Rehearsals are well underway for Black Box Theatre’s 24 Hour Theatre Project – tonight only at the Bridge Street Theatre.

Last night, six original short plays were written and handed to our team of brave actors who are currently blocking their pieces and learning their lines and are primed for the ultimate theatre-creation challenge.

We are pleased to announce an incredibly strong lineup of plays with an energetic and committed cast with the best scripts yet to be written in a Black Box 24 Hour Theatre production.



Written by Tom Peach
Cast: Erin Mascord and Inga Silfr

The Desire of the Soul

Inga Silfr, Tom Peach (writer) and Erin Mascord in “The Desire of the Soul” 

Inga is home to see her mother Erin.  For the first time in Inga’s adult life she needs her mother to really see her and listen to her. Over the course of one evening old arguments are reheated, truth is spoken, and a relationship is rebuilt.



Written by Alexander Cuff
Cast: Bradley Ward, Sam Sweeting, Sam Lovell and Alexandra Groombridge

Pieces of Time

Alexandra Groombridge, Bradley Ward, Alexander Cuff (writer), Sam Lovell and Sam Sweeting in “Pieces of Time”

Pieces of Time is the sexy, yet relevant story of two young Time Patrollers who come across future versions of themselves. Hijinks ensue. Let’s hope they don’t run out of… time.



Written by Bec Ellis
Directed by Niki Robertson
Cast: Kirra McGoldrick, Monica Kickert, Izzy Fredericks and Lisa Omodei


Niki Robertson (Director), Lisa Omodei, Monica Kickert (hidden), Kirra McGoldrick, Izzy Fredericks and Bec Ellis (Writer) in “Hanson Vs HSP”

Two of the most talked about players in the recent Australian election go head to head in the legal battle of the century. Pauline Hanson attempts to get Halal Snack Packs banned on the basis that they go against the Constitution.



Written by David Rienits
Cast: Matthew Latham, Vu Moyo and Claire Champman


Matthew Latham, David Rienits (Writer), Claire Chapman and Vu Muyo in “In the Path of Hate”

The glamour of television and sponsored worship to private prayer. What is the place of religion and when does it go wrong? In the Path of Hate explores a fake religious order that seems to have elements of the horrifically familiar.



Written by Georgia Moon
Directed by Bruce Polinis
Cast: Dylan Horvat, Jarrod Sleiman, Brandon Fairlie and Josh Chicharo


Josh Chicharo, Bruce Polonis (Director), Dylat Horvat, Georgia Moon (Writer), Jarrod Sleiman & Brandon Fairlie in “The Reality Paradigm”

Four men sit together and discuss the latest news. Upon paying scrupulous attention to the fine-print, they begin to question the integrity of more than just the paper.



Written by Steen
Cast: Hayley Reynolds, Jen Jackson, Sevgi Murphy and Stephen Wales


Sevgi Murphy, Hayley Reynolds, Steen (Writer foreground), Stephen Wales and Jen Jackson in “Vanishing Point”

Four flatmates discover something is not quite right and sometimes you just need to pick up the phone to make someone feel cared for.

Pre-purchase tickets and reservations are still available, and tickets are available at the door. All tickets are just $15 each.

The show starts at 7:30pm tonight only – don’t miss out.



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