Preview: Theatre Week 1 | Short+Sweet Illawarra 2019

Theatre-Poster Finish


27 – 29 September 2019
Bridge Street Theatre Coniston


It’s amazing what you can do in ten-minutes

Week one of our Top-20 season of ten-minute theatre will feature eleven bite-sized stories performed by local actors from scripts submitted from the Illawarra and around the world.

Week 1 will be hosted by the People’s Choice winning comedian from the Short+Sweet Illawarra Cabaret+Comedy Showcase, and will also feature the judges favourite Cabaret act.

The final performance on Sunday 29th will be followed by the announcement of the two plays that will be invited to perform at Short+Sweet Sydney in 2020 – as well as a special screening of the Judge’s Choice winning films from our inaugural Short+Sweet Illawarra Film Festival Finals.


Having the Prawn
Written by Katrina Samaras (Illawarra)
Directed by Bella Whitcher
Cast: Kaylee Ashton, Zac Chadwick & Olivia Harris

In this eternal triangle, two’s company, three’s a crowd – or is it?

Written by Barry Wood (UK)
Directed by Annie May Roberts
Cast: Lillian Woods & Matthew Latham

Claire has something shocking to tell her friend, but is it all in her mind, or even someone else’s mind.

The New Improved Fortune Teller
Written by Bernadette Le Mesurier (Illawarra)
Directed by Gabriela Gonzalez
Cast: Anne Geenen, Shayan Murray, Michael Le Mesurier and Gabriela Gonzalez

A young couple’s relationship takes an unexpected turn when they meet a fortune teller with strange new powers. Who wishes to know their future when they’re happy with the way their life is heading?

Ebook Meets Treebook
Written by Rex McGregor (NZ)
Directed by Inga Jon
Cast: Shayan Murray, Dylan Green, Abbey McDonald and Billee Paige Harris

When an eBook tablet is left on a park bench, an old-fashioned paperback comes to the rescue.

The Beach
Written by Ashleigh Hook (Auckland, NZ)
Directed by Stacey Wales
Cast: Caitlin Deverey & Michael Emerson

New years on the beach, Holly and Joe test human resilience as they play a game to see how life may have turned out differently if they’d made different decisions.

For Jeffery
Written by Andy Goldberg (California, USA)
Directed by Patrick Harrison
Cast: Samuel Litvensky & Naoise Champion

Between a man and a woman, a good deed goes unpunished.

Adapted and Directed by Alex Groombridge (Illawarra)
Presented by Red Star Entertainment
Cast: Nathan Edwards, Laura Williams, Bradley Ward, Blake Hoole, Michael Emerson, Ihaka Jones
Band: Dan Osbourne (Guitar), Robbie Cotterell (Guitar), Ruairí Moylan (Bass),  Matthew Bryant (Keys), Harrison Xirocostas (Drums)

Whilst living under a dictatorship, a citizen finds an ancient relic, reigniting a war between planets.

Vanishing Point

Written and Directed by Steen (Illawarra)
Presented by the Phoenix Theatre Company
Cast: Eryn Williams, Nick Lewis, Laurence Wann and Ethan Thomas

Four housemates discover that a ghost has entered their house and they explore why. Bringing them to a sobering realisation that there are people left alone in the world desperate for someone to show they care.

Local Kid
Written by Aubrey Lidden (Southern Highlands, NSW)
Directed by Noah Cegielski
Cast: Samuel Litvensky

A solo performance where young man is brought in for police interrogation for a gang related killing in the community, interacting with unseen interviewers who must make him crack.

More Brains Pleaasseee!!!
Written and Directed by Patrick Kevin Gamble (Illawarra)
Cast: Ricky Gamble & Patrick Gamble

Two zombies contemplate life, as Zombies.


Written by Elden Rhoads (California, USA)
Directed by Zoe Rose
Cast: Laura Williams, Arthur Gallagher

A young couple at a crossroads in their relationship — with nothing left to say, do they break up, or get married?

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