Playmates Cast Announcement & Interview with the Players

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Playmates 2018 Team Announcement
&  Interview with the players

Performance – One Night Only
at the City Diggers Club | Burelli St Wollongong
Tickets $22 Adult, $17 Concession/Student, $10 Children under 14
To Purchase your ticket now, click here.

Illawarra’s annual improvisation ‘battle-of-the-companies’ returns for its 13th year bringing five theatre and comedy groups together to celebrate yet another wonderful year of home-grown live entertainment in our region.

Each of our groups are represented by four actors who will use suggestions from the audience to play out scenes to win the favour of our judges. They will play much-loved improvisation games such as Opera, Show-Stopping Number, Mime, Song, Scenes From A Hat, Moving Bodies, Emotional Rollercoaster and Party Quirks.

Can team University take out a third consecutive Playmates title? Will last year’s runner-up Wollongong Comedy go one better and take out their first trophy? Can People’s Choice favourites Workshop Theatre take back the trophy they won in the first-ever Playmates? Will the ‘big bois’ from Roo Theatre reclaim their past Playmates Glory? Or will SPAT storm the castle and return to their home in the escarpment with their second title? All will be answered this Friday Night, 7:30pm – back at our home at City Diggers Club Wollongong.

Hosted by Bradley Ward (Rising Arts Productions) and Alex Perritt


UNIVERSITY (defending champions 2016-2017)
Alexander Cuff (captain), Lisa Omodei, Sam Sweeting and Charmaine Sharp

WOLLONGONG COMEDY (runners up 2017)
Adam Armitt (captain), Madeleine Stewart, Jen Guerrieri-Cortesi, Sally Lopez

Dylan Horvat (captain), James Turnbull, Alex Groombridge and Charlotte Cuff

Feargus Manning (captain), Dayle Raftery, Bryson Grenell and Izzy Fredericks

Wayne Turner (captain), Katy Loader, Shayan Murray and Byron Faulkner


Interview with THE PLAYERS


Which team poses the biggest threat to your group?

“Uni, as they always do, take the role of Cobra Kai to the Roo team’s humble Daniel-san. They’re going right into the bin though because we’re taking that trophy home this year. This time for sure.”
– James “Big Man” Turnbull, Roo Theatre

“None of them, SPAT FOR THE WIN”
Byron Faulkner, not surprisingly from team SPAT.

“Uni has won two years in a row and they seem keen to kill again- I mean, win again.”
Dylan Horvatttt, Roo Theatre

“This implies any team poses a threat. That’s funny. Keep being funny.”
– Alexander Cuff, University

Charlotte Cuff, Roo Theatre

Describe your life using film titles.

“Home Alone. Alone in the Dark. Funny People. Envy. Trainwreck. Gone in 60 Seconds.”
Dylan Horvat, Roo Theatre

“A Series of Unfortunate Events, The 40-Year Old Virgin, The Martian, Captain America: The First Avenger”
Alexander Cuff, University

“That’s too many film titles, mate.”
– Charlotte Cuff, Roo Theatre

“Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”
Alex Groombridge, Roo Theatre

 What are you looking forward to in this year’s Playmates?

“To be back on the City Diggers stage and laugh more at my co-stars than anyone will laugh at me.”
Dylan Horvat, Roo Theatre

“Uni team winning again.”
James Turnbull, University infiltrator on the Roo team.

“There are a few new faces this year and I’m looking forward to seeing their style of comedy, new people keep it fresh! Mind you I also love the people returning, theres just some people that will always get a good laugh out of me.”
Alex Groombridge, Roo Theatre

“Overcoming my terrors, getting the creative juices flowing like they have never flowed before, and generating some laughs in the audience. Playmates is an Illawarra theatre event that has impressed me for many years.”
Feargus Manning, Workshop Theatre

“This is always one of my favourite nights of the year and it’ll provide some much needed stress relief.”
Alexander Cuff, University

“Winning. Duh!”
Charlotte Cuff, Roo Theatre

A six-year-old child asks you if Santa Claus is real…. What do you say?

“Hell yeah buddy! If people can break into your house to take stuff, I’m sure one guy could break in and leave stuff.”
James Turnbull, Roo Theatre

“If improv has taught me anything, it’s to always say yes. Santa exists in that game.”
Dylan Horvat, Roo Theatre

“Kid, when I was your age I was looking forward to the world ending, step up!”
Alex Groombridge, Roo Theatre

“Let me tell you about capitalism my friend, and how much it enjoys Christmas time.”
Byron Faulkner, SPAT

“Let’s be honest. I’m the six-year-old in this situation, so why don’t you tell me.”
Charlotte Cuff, Roo Theatre

“Yes, he is.”
– Alexander Cuff, University


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