Preview: 24 Hour Theatre Illawarra 2018

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Our writers for 24 Hour Theatre Illawarra have all completed their scripts, and we are very excited with what lies ahead, with a great standard of writing across the board. It is truly amazing what our writers were able to achieve in less than 6 hours, in the middle of the night.

Now the pressure turns to our actors, the brave warriors whose job it is now to learn, interpret and perform these original works this evening at the Bridge Street Theatre Coniston.

We are pleased to announce the cast, writers and the plays that we will be performing at 7:30pm for one night only. Tickets are still available, book now to secure your seat!


Goddesses written by Tom Peach

Starring Sophie Bentley, Tahlia Crinis, Cara Severino and Charlotte Cuff


Frank, as part of this last wishes, has asked his family to compose an epitaph to be used on his gravestone. As they struggle to come up with a few lines that express their frustration with the old man, old jealousies, slights, and frustrations re-surface.


It’s Only Me written by Alexander Cuff

Starring Bradley Ward, Jarrod Riesinger, Arthur Gallagher and Bryson Grenfell


Harold is stopped from boarding his bus by a version of him from an alternate reality, who tells him that all of the other alternate Harolds in the multiverse are being hunted to extinction. Now, the last surviving Harolds have united to discuss a course of action, but what is the real problem here?


Paper Dolls written by Billie Acosta

Starring Charmaine Sharp, Brandon Fairley, Kiah Sassall, Stephanie McAulay and Carina Louise


Are we really as one dimensional as the script suggests? Maybe the status quo has its place in society – maybe that’s what holds us together, binds us, makes us feel accepted and necessary. And maybe it’s our biggest problem. Maybe we don’t fit into boxes after all?


Dreams by Matthew Latham

A monologue starring Nat McConchie


When a young girl who only ever wanted to make shoes, is dragged into a world of sorcery and violence when she heads out alone one day to chop wood. She uses her wits to survive and enact a brutal revenge plot, but battle not with monsters, let ye become a monster. For when you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.


The Star written by Charlotte Smee

A monologue performed by Dylan Horvat.


Clement Harrington III is a professional auditioner, without a driver’s licence or any concept of constructive criticism. He’s been trying to get his big break for years, but no producer seems to want his big, bold ideas or his dashing features and impeccable dress. He can even cry on cue! So why doesn’t he ever get the part?


All Locked Up written by James Turnbull

Starring Sam Sweeting, Lisa Omodei, Jarrod Sleiman, Cameron Johnstone and Byron Faulkner


Five inmates attempt to break out of the notorious Gold Hole International Prison, but their Boss is hiding a secret that will shake the very foundations of their gang. Can they hold it together long enough to make it out, or will lies, deceit and treachery reign supreme?


The Rhythm of the Night written by Sevgi Murphy

Starring Alex Groombridge, Andrew Courtney, Bernadette Le Mesurier and Robert Bruce


Follows the story of John’s family who are learning to re-create their lives after an accident which has left John immobilised for life. Concealed feelings of resent, anger, frustration and guilt seem to be constantly rising to the surface as the mystery of what really happened on the night of the accident is revealed. Will this family ever truly live peacefully again and successfully leave the rhythm of that horrendous night in the past?


Mystic Nights written by Mary Stanley

Starring Jen Jackson, Chloe Brock, Nathan Edwards, Clara Saddi and Sam Bruce


Reporters Tracey and Richard interview three of the most renowned psychics in Mount Druitt to find answers that will lead to the whereabouts of missing boy Brodie Decker.

Devised Piece – Phoenix Theatre

Facilitated by Steen. Starring Aviva Sheb’a, Linda Campbell, Rory Holloway and Dylan Gee


The Phoenix Theatre, eager to trial some fresh methods of creating devised theatre in Australia are joining Black Box in the challenge of 24 Hour Theatre – devising, not writing an original play in 24 Hours. Stay tuned for more information about this unique piece as it is created during the day…







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