Team Captains: 24 Hour Theatre Illawarra 2018

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One Night to Write, One Day To Play

The teams have been locked in for Black Box Theatre’s 24 Hour Theatre Illawarra – 7:30pm this Saturday night at the Bridge Street Theatre Coniston, home of the Phoenix Theatre. Nine original short plays will be created all within just one day!

Team lists are kept top secret until 24 hours from showtime, meaning actors and writers remain guessing as to who they will be working with for the one night only performance. We would, however, like to introduce the team captains for our nine short plays.

Rumour has it the cast have been busy trying to predict the makeup of the teams, including which actors will be given one of the two first ever Monologues in 24 Hour Theatre Illawarra. Their list for who is getting the monologues can now be narrowed down to two of the captains announced today – no doubt forcing them to go back to the drawing board with their predictions.

This year, we will also be keeping which writers our captains have been allocated to under lock and key until Friday night’s briefing.


Bradley Ward

16904585_1249168675178720_5385533647264944431_oBradley graduated from the University of Wollongong in 2013 with a Bachelor of Performance (Acting). He has spent the years since experimenting with every style of theatre he can get his hands on, including Musicals, Radio Plays, Short Plays, Dinner Theatre and Improvisation. Performing mostly in the Illawarra, Macarthur and Sydney areas, he has somehow also found the time to write and direct several productions. This is his fourth time participating in 24 Hour Theatre, including being in two that progressed to Short+Sweet Sydney .

“There is no experience quite like it. You fly through the day on an extended adrenaline rush, kept on track by dedication to your team and writer, taking the stage to perform a script written specifically with you in mind. The trauma bonding you undertake with your fellow actors is unbreakable, turning to each other years later to reminisce on that insane, blur of a day.”

Aviva Sheb’a

164989_10151749997510312_603092705_nAviva Sheb’a graduated from full-time dance school in 1968. Studies included classical ballet (Cecchetti Method), jazz dance, various types of national dance, some tap, and her favourite, Classical Spanish and Flamenco dance, as well as singing.  Aviva developed Vocal Dance as a way to express her innermost feelings when words failed, and taught her method in many countries.  At seventeen, she toured the Vietnam War as a flamenco dancer — with a Rhythm and Blues band. Throughout Vietnam, she heard, “This is a war zone, Baby — improvise!” That became her motto for life, and eventually the title of her one-woman show. Currently Aviva is developing her War Zone sequel, Apuckerlips Now.

“I can hardly wait to rise to whatever challenges 24 Hour Theatre brings! How will I move and give voice? Will it be hilarious, deadly serious? Something I’ve never done before? Who will I perform with? I cannot wait to find out.”

Jen Jackson

560154_10200446607876595_1523830413_nJen has a strong comedic and improvised theatre performance background and returns again for her fourth 24 Hour Theatre Illawarra. She is a current member of The Improverts and has been a team anchor for the Wollongong Comedy team in Playmates since 2013. Jen has also worked on Sydney shows, such as Crash Test Drama and Short+Sweet Sydney. Jen spent over a decade working with the Brook Theatre based in the Blue Mountains and worked with Sydney Interactive Theatre for three years. She has also done several short courses and a six month program at NIDA and has become an Illawarra favourite, especially at 24 Hour Theatre.

“What I love most about 24 Hour Theatre is easily the people – for sure! It involves all the people I love, people I get to see and perform with, and celebrate making great theatre with! I love the amazing adrenaline of smashing out a script in a day – call me crazy but I love it. I wonder though, if I can learn Bradley Wards 45 minute 2017 play in 9 hours rehearsal, what’s next!”


Sophie Bentley

12112282_10200939605528332_7585349470089655399_nSophie currently studies Acting at the Academy of Film, Theatre and Television. She has performed with the IPAC Drama Studio for over a decade, and has done shows including Macbeth, Silent Laughter, Alice in Wonderland and more. Last year she Played Mary in Roo Theatre’s Our Country’s Good and is about to go into production for Roo’s highly anticipated staging of 1984. Sophie is also lead actress in Black Box’s short play The Quality of Life which has advanced to the Short+Sweet Sydney Gala Finals in two weeks after winning best play by both audience and judges. The Quality of Life was written by Sevgi Murphy at last year’s 24 Hour Theatre and adapted to the ten minute form.

 “24 Hour Theatre is such a challenging and rewarding experience. Your adrenaline and excitement for the project pushes you to do things that you never thought you would be able to do, and by the end of it, you are so proud of everything that was achieved. The whole experience is a blast, and I’m excited to see what happens this year!”

Sam Sweeting

13615294_1014067828711889_2044506814816248382_nSam Sweeting has been on stage in multiple local Wollongong productions, including Red vs Blue, Alice Through a Looking Glass Darkly, Grimm Tales, Tempest, and Cannibal the Musical. He has also  directed in both Bridgeworks productions held at the Phoenix Theatre. Sam was also Co-Director and Artistic Director for Red vs Blue, also at the Phoenix Theatre.

He has also been in Our Neighbourhood: A Play with Songs, and Albert and Jameson: A Play with Vampires, at Wollongong Workshop Theatre, and followed both of those shows to Sydney at the Sydney Fringe Festival.

Sam has been a regular with Black Box Theatre, participating in the last 4 years of Playmates. He currently holds the Playmates Trophy The Golden Gong after his University team won their second grand final victory. He is looking forward to his third 24 Hour Theatre having participated the previous two years. He has participated in several plays selected to be restaged at Short+Sweet Sydney under the Black Box Theatre banner, including 2017 Gala Finalist Time Squad as well as next week’s Wildcards Finals entry Badda Bing Badda Bang – advancing to the Wildcards Finals to compete to enter the Gala Finals!

“Every year has been a good time and I’m excited to see what the new writers and performers will bring to the table.”

Dylan Horvat

26000987_1764096960269016_7708360017011127313_nDylan is an actor, director, writer, stand-up comedian and improv comedian who has acted for 24 Hour Theatre every year since 2015. Notable roles include Barry Hollis in “Hating Alison Ashley“, Tim Allgood in “Noises Off“, Vinnie in “The Odd Couple“, Alan Roderick in “Othello“, Hipockets Duncan in “The Buddy Holly Story“, and Aide Williams in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” at Roo Theatre.

Dylan also played Sarge in “Red vs Blue” and Israel Swan in “Cannibal the Musical” at Phoenix Theatre; and Mr Big / Agent 44 in “Get Smart” at Workshop Theatre. Dylan  directed “SignAL” at Wollongong Workshop Theatre, assistant directed “Peter Pan” at Roo Theatre and written for Phoenix’s “Tales from the Wasteland” as well as IYAP’s “Virus” and “Lost Along the Way“.

Dylan recently made his Sydney acting debut, appearing in Black Box’s ten minute sci-fi comedy The Human Trap written and directed by Alexander Cuff in the Short+Sweet Sydney Wildcards.

“I’m addicted. 24 Hour Theatre is my heroin. I need it. Just one more time then I’ll quit, I swear …. (I totally won’t quit)”

Alex Groombridge

10322795_10153879842257577_3512600692864919776_nAlex acted in the last two years of 24 hour theatre and returns to take on team captaincy for the first time. Last year, Alex’s piece Pieces of Time was selected to perform in Short+Sweet Sydney with a revamped version of the 24 Hour Theatre piece (2016) later named Time Squad, written by Alexander Cuff. Time Squad won best play by judges of its week in the Top 80 and performed in last year’s Short+Sweet Sydney Gala Finals.

A few weeks ago, Alex’s 2017 24 Hour Theatre play The Human Trap was sent to the Short+Sweet Wildcards. It finished its season runner up in people’s choice voting, with sister Black Box entry Badda Bing Badda Bang finishing first in audience voting.

Alex has also acted in short plays Ichabod Undead, For Hire (Bridgeworks), and Wasteland Doctor (Tales From The Wasteland) at the Phoenix Theatre. She played Polly Pry in Cannibal the Musical and has acted in many other productions, including musicals since 2014.

“I love the adrenaline rush you get from having to put a play together in such a small amount of time, and the teamwork it requires to do that. You really get to learn your strengths and weaknesses.”


Nat McConchie

29104348_1449514338491969_925895700913324032_nAfter having spent a decade studying dance, Nat has looked to other performance crafts to add to her creative repertoire including acting where she now finds herself in her third year at the University of Wollongong studying Theatre.

Nat recently performed in Black Box Theatre’s Short+Sweet Sydney Top 80 winning production of The Quality of Life alongside fellow team captain Sophie Bentley and Beth Fuller, and she is very much looking to staging it one last time at the Short+Sweet Sydney Gala Finals in two weeks time.

“I love 24 Hour Theatre, mainly because it’s fun and tricky. This time around, I really hope I get to perform in something like Freud the musical but with food fights and dance numbers. And pipes. And bagels…”

Charmaine Sharp

12717383_1031226083566643_7867140448668715162_nCharmaine is currently studying Bachelor of Performance at the University of Wollongong and is in her second year. Outside her studies, she has performed in most Phoenix Theatre shows last year, notably Slacky Flat and Jadore Lemore. She enjoyed her first 24 Hour Experience and is excited to return for another challenge! Her performance and team work was particularly noted by the producer and the Black Box production team, and is excited to see her leadership skills develop as Team Captain.

“I want to be challenged and really show what I can do. 24 Hour Theatre is a really good opportunity to put your skills to the test and that’s what I want to do, and after my experience last year I feel pretty confident that it’s going to be another thrilling experience.”



produced by Black Box Theatre | #24HourTheatreIllawarra |

Plays in 24 Hour Theatre may contain coarse language and adult themes.

Black Box cannot guarantee there will be tickets available for sale at the door. We strongly urge audience to pre-purchase their tickets now to avoid disappointment as seats are strictly limited.

Don’t have a credit card? You can email us and tell us how many tickets you need (how many Adults/Concessions) and we will reserve your seats and just pay in cash at Box Office*. Simply email

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