Playmates Illawarra Cast Announcement

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Our teams of improvisers have been finalised and we are looking at yet another strong year. This year, The Drama Studio will be cheering on the sidelines, and will return in 2018. For this year only, Black Box Theatre will field a team in The Drama Studios place.

Returning again in 2017 are the defending champions from University, Wollongong Workshop Theatre, Roo Theatre, Stanwell Park Arts Theatre, and Wollongong Comedy.

UNIVERSITY: Alexander Cuff (captain), David Rienits, Lisa Omodei and Sam Sweeting

WORKSHOP THEATRE: Sam Lovell (captain), Kelly Nicholson, Bryson Grenfell and Jarrod Riesinger

ROO THEATRE: Dylan Horvat (captain), James Turnball, Alex Groombridge and Jarrod Sleiman

STANWELL PARK ARTS THEATRE (SPAT): Bernadette Le Mesurier (captain), Justin Clayden, Lisa Murray and Katy Loader

WOLLONGONG COMEDY: Adam Armit (captain), Wayne Peoples, Sally Lopez and Jen Jackson

BLACK BOX THEATRE: Honora Jenkins (captain), Brenton Amies, Irene Nicola and Charlotte Cuff

Hosted by Bradley Ward and Alex Perritt


We strongly recommend pre-purchasing tickets now! Limited tickets available at the door.


Or email your booking details to and state your booking name, contact phone number and the amount of tickets you would like to reserve. You can pay in cash at the Box Office on the night.


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