Plays Selected for Short+Sweet Sydney – 24 Hour Theatre

Black Box Theatre is pleased to announce the plays that have been chosen to form its Top 80 and Wildcard submission to Short+Sweet Sydney 2018. The strength of writing from all seven of our talented writers was well noted by our live audience at 24 Hour Theatre. Upon completion of the show, our writers were given just one week to edit, rework and condense their scripts to the ten minutes, and submit their reworked scripts for consideration to have a second life.

All of our writers out-did themselves and each managed to encapsulate the essence of their play, and all had beautifully reworked dialogue. Each of them now has in their portfolio, a strong play that is able to hold its own with any short play festival around the world.

It is a compliment also to some writers, whose original scripts were mostly in tact after little editing, including a clever and witty script from young writer Ace Povey-Robertson with his gangster comedy Hotel Aspen II: Janitorial Indescretion and David Rienit’s Balance & Friction.

Both selected plays will be submitted for performance, and director Luke Berman is excited about staging these contrasting and beautifully dynamic pieces of ten minute theatre.

The plays that Black Box Theatre will be submitting for Short+Sweet are:

TOP 80 – The Quality of Life by Sevgi Murphy

Cast: Sophie Bentley, Nat McConchie and Beth Fuller-McGoldrick

WILDCARD – Badda Bing Badda Bang by Tom Peach

Cast: Bryson Grenfell, Sam Lovell, Sam Sweeting and Mathew Latham

Black Box would also like to give honourable mentions to David Rienits’ moving and brave drama Balance and Friction, Alexander Cuff’s The Human Trap and a very impressive ten-minute adaption of Family Drama by Diana McLaren who were each strongly considered to tour.

Black Box is exploring other options for all our writers on how to further develop and promote their scripts to stages in Sydney, Canberra and in short play festivals around the world. We would like to thank everyone who was involved and everyone who supported 24 Hour Theatre in what was an electric evening.


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