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Meet James Balian (Director), Carli Carey (Writer/Director) and Gabriel McCarthy (Actor) – Three of the many participants in the thrilling project 24 HOUR THEATRE

46249_112766805445117_6846707_nJames Balian
is a well loved and respected Sydney writer and director specialising in both short and full length plays. He has done a great deal of work with the Sydney Fringe and Short+Sweet Sydney. James lives north of the bridge, which he loves, except the regular rhetoric from friends who claim they can’t visit as they need a VISA for the crossing.

_BPS3001_8x12Gabriel McCarthy is a multi-award winning actor and graduate of the Actor’s College of Theatre & Television (2011). In 2007 Gabe started Gabatwa Studios in which he writes, acts in and directs his own theatre and films. Gabriel’s skills excel in improvisation, mime, acrobatic, grotesque, and he has been a gymnast for nearly 20 years. Gabe resides in the sunny part of Marrickville and works as the Artistic Director for Sydney Interactive Theatre in Sydney.

IMG_26245369244707Carli Carey marks hertheatrical writing and directing debut in 24 Hour Theatre Sydney and will be making the move to the big smoke next week. Carli owns two business – a photography business & an entertainment agency. Carli is also studying a Bachelor of Communication at GriffithUniversity and majoring in writing for stage & screen.

 Read their thoughts on 24 Hour Theatre…

Why do you want to be involved in the 24 Hour Theatre Project?

Gabe: I wanted to get involved with the 24 Hour Theatre Project because I always try to get involved in theatre industry events, especially for independent companies like Black Box. I know Luke Berman, who runs it, and many people involved as writers, actors and directors. They are all talented individuals, and I know we can all band together to form great things. 24 Hour Theatre allows that process to prosper!

James: It’s my first time and it sounds interesting. I’m working with an excellent writer Con Nats, so it will be very good and fun.

Carli: For me, I want to be involved in the 24 Hour Theatre Project because it is an opportunity to work on my craft in a challenging, fast paced environment! The concept that Luke Berman has brought to the table is both ambitious & exhilarating! As a writer & director I relish the chance to support local theatre, and more than that, to develop new & fresh works for stage. I am looking forward to working with an amazing team of incredibly talented actors & actresses who are passionate about what they do & can’t wait to ‘see what we’re all made of!


Are you nervous? Excited?

Gabe: I am very excited! I’ve been doing this a while now, so I’m not nervous – I’m just anxious to start!

James: I’m excited, especially given that we don’t know what really going to happen until 5pm on Day 1.

Carli: There is always an element of nervousness when taking a risk and putting something creative out there for people to enjoy / evaluate / critique. I’d like to think I have a lot of nervous excitement which seems to assist my creative process. Being nervous means I care about what I’m doing & that I’m giving the project my absolute best effort & energy. I am certainly excited to see what I write come to life in stage in Sunday night.


Tell us something funny or quirky about you.

Gabe: I’m quite a decent beat boxer.

James: I’m now the guy who tells dad jokes. Come to think of it, I always have.

Carli: Hmm… Something funny or quirky about me? I’m not sure. I just texted someone to ask their opinion and their response was, “most things”. I guess my response would be to come & chat with me and make your own mind up!


What can the audience expect to see when they see 24 Hour Theatre?

Gabe: When the audience cast their wonderful eyes upon 24 Hour Theatre, they’ll be seeing never before seen work, full of fresh material for them to really absorb and enjoy. Plus, I’m known for never taking anything too seriously – so I’m sure they’ll be a few chuckles out there!

James: Our aim is to put on an excellent and engaging show.

Carli: I hope the audience expects to see some inspired performances at 24 Hour Theatre, as I know there will be! The culmination of 24 adrenalin-filled hours will be seen on the Tap Gallery stage on Sunday night, and I think the audience may be surprised at what can be accomplished in a day when people are passionate about what they do.




Cast Announcement: Reflections In A Sunday Mirror

Black Box Theatre is proud to announce the cast of its Top 80 Short+Sweet Sydney submission for 2014.

After a long wait, director Luke Berman has finally found the right cast to bring to life Maree Teychenne’s abstract and bold Music-Drama REFLECTIONS IN A SUNDAY MIRROR, which features an amazing original musical score by Compser and the play’s Musical Director Dr Steven Capaldo.

Lauren Scott-Young plays Jacqueline, a French cabaret performer & prostitute who’s full of hatred and sorrow. Jacqueline came to prostitution soon after the Nazi invasion of France and the death, through neglect, of her new-born child.

The amazingly talented Gertraud Harlos steps into the role of Roma, the Polish owner and Madam of the cabaret café who has taken in a desperate Jacqueline and given her a new life. Roma however, is never afraid to remind Jacqueline of the life long debt owed to her.

Completing the cast are our two German Nazi officers, with powerful acting and vocal performances from Zac Jardine and Tom Parrish.

Reflections In A Sunday Mirror opens at the King St Theatre, cnr Bray & King Sts Newtown (St Peters) on Wednesday 19th February and runs 7:30pm shows each night until Saturday 22nd February, with its closing performance on Sunday 23rd February at 5:15pm.

Tickets can be purchased via trybooking.
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