Meet the Wollongong Comedy Team | Playmates Illawarra 2019


7:30pm  Friday 6th December
City Diggers Club, Burelli Street Wollongong

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Meet the Wollongong Comedy Team

No team has been hungrier for the trophy than Wollongong Comedy, not since SPATs inaugural Grand Final victory on our ten-year anniversary. This year, the pressure is on – Wollongong Comedy head honcho Stu MacPherson has gone with a lethal line-up featuring Adam Armitt, Jen Guerrieri-Cortesi, Lisa Omodei and Jarrod Riesinger.


But no matter how strong the team is, Wollongong Comedy has had a love-hate relationship with our Playmates judging panel.

Luke: Which of the other teams do you think are your biggest threat?

Adam: Just like every year, it’s the judges.

Jen: Yep. “Team Judges”. Too much history there.

Jarrod: Yeah, our team is cursed with both devilishly good looks and the inability to win Playmates.

Luke: What’s your favourite thing about improv?

Jarrod: Crushing the University team.

Jen: I love performing with people I know and love and trust, and meeting new people and seeing their skills develop. Also hearing the audience react instantaneously.

Jarrod: Yeah, and as cheesy as it sounds, it’s the camaraderie. Most of my favourite memories and stories are from improv or with people I perform improv with often. It’s very hard to find something that will bring people closer together than creating something together. Add an element of spontaneity and you have fantastic failures, hilarious embarrassing moments and some really empowering accomplishments; sometimes all in the one scene. I think that’s something only improv can achieve. Speaking of, crushing the Uni team is something only Wollongong Comedy can achieve.

Adam: My Team is hilarious.

Luke: You just won the lotto. What do you do with the cash?

Adam: How much are we talking? Scratchy probably a party, 20-mil definitely a party.

Jen: Pay off my week old mortgage, lots of travel. Buy puppies. Buy a zoo.

Jarrod: Buy a theatre and do a shitload of improv. Also, Disney World. Maybe buy Disney World and turn it into an improv theatre.

Luke: You have a chance to perform in front of a famous person, living or dead. Who, and why?

Adam: President Trump.

Luke: President Trump?

Adam: Yeah, but he’d be dead.

Jarrod: It’s a tie between Wollongong’s resident hunky and hilarious comedian Adam Armitt or Del Close at the peak of his ‘Del Close-ness’. Both seem like they’d be a party to perform in front of!

Jen: Can’t go past Improv Royalty in the form of Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles but I would need a strong glass of liquid courage beforehand.

Luke: Why should people come to Playmates?

Jen: It’s celebrating local theatre and comedians and actors in this friendly, not crazy intimidating way. We have no idea what’s going to happen, neither do you. But we need your suggestions to get there. It’s a fun night of laughs and just something different from plonking on the couch.

Jarrod: To watch Alex Cuff cry when he doesn’t win two years in a row. It’s also a great testament of the talent the Illawarra performing arts scene has. Most companies, whether directly or indirectly, are represented in some way and that is something that should be celebrated.

Adam: Because we are creating a unique experience for the audience and performers. There’s nothing quite like Playmates.

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