Meet the SPAT Team | Playmates 2017

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Bernadette SPAT hs playmates2017a

Bernadette Le Mesurier | SPAT

Bernadette is an actor, playwright and director. She has acted professionally on the big screen, but has also performed on stage for SPAT, Arcadians and Black Box Theatre’s 24 Hour Theatre project. She has nine years’ experience at SPAT playing everything from chorus member to titular character Puss in Boots and has had four of her written plays performed at SPAT and two at Wollongong Workshop Theatre’s Workshorts. Her 2017 Workshorts play won audience favourite.

This year is Bernadette’s third appearance on the Playmates stage, all with SPAT and is still gloating over SPAT’s first Playmates triumph on the ten year anniversary stage. Bernadette is a peace loving human, whose love for her fellow team members outweighs any competitiveness…

“I’m looking forward to smashing those other teams until their teeth are ground to paste and their limbs are hanging… I mean a fair and fun competition with everyone being treated equally. If some people from the extreme Northern Illawarra are treated more equal than others, well, who knew, right?”

Bernadette’s passion and commitment is always a joy to watch on stage, her vibrant energy and sense of fun is always a wonderful addition to our annual showcase.


Justin SPAT hs playmates2017

Justin James Clayden | SPAT

Justin is an Illawarra actor who has worked on several productions with TheatreMax, Wollongong Workshop Theatre and the Phoenix Theatre. His credits include Secrets of St Just (actor/writer), SignAL, and two plays in Tales From the Wasteland – All Nuked Up, and Practicing Medicine

In his first crack at improvisation, Justin impressed many by his support of his team members, dedication, professionalism and bravery. He states being 80% excited and 20% nervous and is looking forward to all the ‘unexpected magic’ that is about to present itself on Saturday night.

Berman: What game are you hoping your team will play this year?

Justin:  Slow Motion Commentary, Slideshow, Song, Party Quirks, Murder Endowments, Opera, Show Stopping Number, Play in the Style of…

Berman: That’s most of the games. Is there any games you hope you don’t get?

Justin: Not really.

Berman: I like you.



Lisa SPAT hs playmates2017

Lisa Murray | SPAT

Lisa will be bravely going where she has never gone before, under stage lights in one of the hardest gigs imaginable – improvised comedy. In 2014 she performed her own monologue script for the Out of Time student showcase at UOW, which has led her to create other incidences in the public domain which includes looking as spectacular as a jilted bride, or wearing a lunch bag painted with ruby red lips over her head and ride about on public transport as she goes about daily tasks.

Lisa was labelled a poet at birth and recently installed a sequence of text within a reservoir for Randwick Council’s 2017 NOX Night Sculpture Walk where she posed as an artist for the entire event.

When asked what she is looking forward to in Playmates this year, Lisa answers in true poetic style:

A death
and a rebirth
A loose screw
and an impossible conclusion
A downward spiral
and an upbeat song
EVERYTHING, except my own body parts poking me in the eye.

Lisa is quickly catching on to the fun rivalry that the teams have been enjoying in the lead up to Playmates, and like others, has her eyes firmly on defending champions University.

“ALL the teams look fabulously hellish… I’d say Alexander Cuffs team will be in the grand final round mostly because he appears to be very aggressive about bribing the judges.”

When asked what she would do if given a large elephant, Lisa shows us how wonderfully creative and imaginative she is.

“I’d deflate it and pop it in a archival box with fragile written on the side and one day when there are no more elephants left for monkeys to sit on I’d reinflate it and we’d share a pot of tea while watching the sun go down.”

Berman: Why did you want to participate in Playmates?

Lisa: An email fell in my lap, I had no idea what Playmates was, but when I learned what it was all about I thought WOW! An opportunity to make fun of myself with others, I’m not up to much at the moment, I wonder if I can do this kind of a gig, let’s go see.



Katy SPAT hs playmates2017

Katy Loader | SPAT

Katy has been involved with Stanwell Park Arts Theatre for 5 years and counting. She is a regular performer in the annual pantomimes held every year around Christmas time. She has also performed at other theatres, such as the Blood Moon Theatre in Kings Cross, and the Wollongong Workshop Theatre.

Katy is a much loved performer with the SPAT group, and is very excited at being welcomed within the Playmates family. Her fun loving nature and her natural ability to perform is always a joy to watch. Out of all the games, Katy is hoping for any game where she can sing her heart out, although is somewhat apprehensive about getting the game Moving Bodies.

She is currently busy getting ready to perform in SPAT’s annual Pantomime – Miss Lily’s Holiday Home and The Stealing of Christmas.

“I’ll be playing a minor role, but I get to sing at least. It will open the Saturday after Playmates, so get tickets now!”


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