Meet The Drama Studio – Playmates 2014


The Drama Studio is an internationally leading Youth Theatre Company providing premier acting training and performance opportunities for young people. It provides an enriching educational foundation in the dramatic arts for school aged students. It strongly believes that theatre provides a unique platform to inspire and engage young people, develop confidence and nurture their artistry, which in turn, can have a lasting impact on their lives.

The Drama Studio exists to deliver high quality drama tuition and performance experiences to foster creativity and a lifelong passion for the arts.

The Drama Studio made their Playmates debut in the 2012 showcase and made the Grand Final round in their first appearance, narrowly missing out on taking home the trophy to the triumphant Roo Theatre team.

Last year they returned and again made the grand final round against the university team, this time however they refused to go home empty handed. The judges voted The Drama Studio team the Playmates champions of 2013, and this year they return to defend their trophy.

2014 Playmates team: Evan Kerr (captain), Maddie Diggins, Mathew Latham and Lachlan Grogan


2014 Playmates Team


If my life were a book, it would be called ‘Mein Kramp’

Evan - The Drama Studio

Evan – The Drama Studio

Evan has been the leading man in The Drama Studio team for Playmates since it entered the showcase in 2012, and displays an uncanny ability for improvisation, and was last year voted by his peers as the inaugural Player’s Player.

Evan is a Pianist, Accompanist, Composer and has been Musical Director for The Drama Studio @ IPAC since 2010.

While working with the Drama Studio, he has written 5 musical shows and 3 scores for The Shakespeare Project, which is a sister-school type initiative with Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York. He will be working with the London National Theatre next year on the production, ‘The Edelweiss Pirates’. He loves Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

I’m looking forward to working with new teams, new contestants, and new games. I’m super keen for any of the physical games, such as Mime and Murder Endowments. There aren’t any games I don’t want to play, I want to do all of them!


If I had one super power, it’d be to make my university assignments complete themselves while I procrastinate.

dramastudio maddie diggins

“I have been putting on fake American accents while playing with my Barbies and my sister ever since I can remember.”

Maddie Diggins returns for her third Playmates experience with defending champions The Drama Studio. She has persued her love for performance and drama all throughout high school, while also attending The Drama Studio since year 10. She is currently studying High School Drama teaching at UNSW and assists in drama classes at the Drama Studio.

“I am really looking forward to having lost of fun and to relive the amazing energy on the Playmates stage! I love getting up there and making myself look like an idiot all for the benefit of the audience.”

Despite her modesty, Maddie impressed the Playmates audience immensely and showed fantastic composure, commitment and teamwork – crucial ingredients in the success of the art of improvisation. Although she is eagerly awaiting the chance to jump back into Playmates, she still feels the nerves that has faced every Playmates actor since it started.

“I may or may not projectile vomit from nerves…”

With over a dozen new improvisation games on offer in Playmates 2014, Maddie has great faith in her team, and their ability to captivate an audience.

“I hope we get Song, Evan is the music maestro. He turns any sort of story line into musical gold! I am worried about the new game Sentences From The Floor, I may lose it if I have to pick up a super funny line.”

Maddie remembers last years narrow victory in the Grand Final round, and is keeping a close eye on her former challengers.

“University were really tough competitors last year, i’m thinking they may come back this year even stronger. But I’m watching out for Wollongong Comedy too, even after pulling people from the audience to be in their team they were hilarious!”

“I had such a fun time last year that i was pretty much begging them to let me come back…..also to have a repeat win for the drama studio….not that i’m competitive or anything…”


If my life were a book, it would be called World’s Biggest Forehead: the untold story of the boy connected to the monster.


Lachlan has been involved in Wollongong High School of the Performing Art’s productions of The King and I and The Pirates of Penzance, as well as playing Oberon in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Lachlan was also lucky enough to perform at the State Drama Festival this year, and also competed in the state level of the National Theatresports Competition.

Lachlan is looking forward to his first Playmates, and wants to assist his returning team mates to achieve back-to-back Playmates victories. However he is a strong believer on the overall Playmates philosophy of friendship between the companies, and sharing the fun with the audience.

“I look forward to the rush and excitement that you can only feel when a paying audience sits in their seats to watch you create a scene out of practically nothing. I am also very excited to see the fantastic relationship that is built between the players and the audience, and the other teams marvellous creations.”

When asked if he is excited or nervous about making his Playmates debut, Lachlan says:

“A swirly, unsettling mishmash of the two. I am so excited to perform and watch the show, but the sense of unease and unawareness is terrifying.”

Lachlan has been looking over the Playmates games closely, and is hoping very much he gets the chance to play one game in particular, the four minute game Opera.

“I hope we play Opera something severe. I love the musical element, and I just think this game is a whole lot of fun.”

Team captain Evan Kerr has stated that Lachlan is the one to watch out for this year, and Lachlan is eager to jump head-first into the unknown with Playmates.

“Any opportunity that I get to make a goof out of myself and just have fun with other talented people is a good opportunity. I am thrilled to have been asked to participate in The Drama Studio’s team this year, and to be a part of such a close, comfortable, and incredibly great competition.”

Team mate Mathew Latham returns for his second Playmates, and shares his outlook on the other teams this year.

“They’re all pretty strong teams and from what I’ve seen I’m guessing that it will go down like a classic sports film: newbies enter the race feeling super pumped and overestimating their skills before being torn down by veteran opponents only for a series of crazy and wacky training regimes to get them ready for the next game and just before the game begins they lose their best player to injury and so they enter the game demoralized but halfway through they realize their strengths and fight back until then score is equal and they are taken into extra time and they do some crazy and absolutely radical action that somehow works and they win.” – Mathew Latham



8pm Friday 28th November
City Diggers Club Wollongong

All TIckets $15 visit

Produced by Black Box Theatre in association with Roo Theatre Company, Stanwell Park Arts Theatre, University of Wollongong School of Creative Arts, The Drama Studio, and Wollongong Comedy


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