Cast Announcement – 24 HOUR THEATRE


Cast Announcement / Preview

Tonight’s 24 Hour Theatre project is heating up and is ready to sizzle the Tap Gallery stage tonight at 6pm. With only 12 hours to compose original plays, our writers have presented seven exciting short plays and the actors and directors are rapidly working to learn their lines and present their stories.

Running Order:

1. ‘A Stranger In Bling’ written by Pheona Mulligan and directed by Amanda Porter. Cast: Anna Greig, Edric Hong, and Amanda Porter

2. ‘Don’t Touch It’ written by Karen Tsai and Ella Segretti. Directed by Alison Albany. Cast: Vanessa Summerfield, Anastasia Grace Peters and Ella Segretti.

3. ‘Why Do We Always Fall For Such Dogs’ written by TOAST D’Bechamel Directed by Chrissy de Silva. Cast: Lucy Fenton and Shu Torng Hiew.

4. ‘Carnivore’ written by Erin Latimer, Directed by Corinne Galliano. Cast: Siim Maaten, Oliver Rynn and Corinne Galliano.


5. ‘The Last Ten Minutes Of The Lives Of Adolf Hitler And Eva Braun’ written and directed by James Hartley. Cast: Amy Fisher, Tom Green and James Hartley.

6. ‘Happy Birthday’ written by Con Nats Directed by James Balian. Cast: Gabriel McCarthy, Megan Captaine and Katie Shearer.

7. ‘Trafficked’ written and directed by Carli Carey, assistant director Tim Carey. Cast: Isaac Reefman, Sorcha Harrop, Marisa Lamonica, Jackson McGrath, and Mark Curry.

Plenty of seats still available.
Doors open at 5:15pm ready for a 6pm performance.

278 Palmer Street Darlinghurst
Cnr Burton Street, a short walk from Oxford Street

Tickets available at the door, tickets just $15 each!

For more information visit


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