Meet the Players: Kelly-Maree (SPAT), Adam Armitt (Wollongong Comedy) and Madeleine Diggins (The Drama Studio)



meetcast 3 Kelly Adam Maddie Evan Jen

Three Actors from Playmates Illawarra discuss the upcoming evening of improvisation madness. Kelly-Maree Michael (Team Captain, Stanwell Park Arts Theatre),  Adam Armitt  (Wollongong Comedy) and Madeleine Diggins (The Drama Studio)

Why did you chose to perform in Playmates Illawarra?

Kelly-Maree: Despite this being my first year, meaning I am likely going to be hopelessly outmatched, I’ve always been envious and admiring of the SPAT teams that get to participate in this event. I’ve always loved improv, and when the usual SPAT players were unable to be involved this year, I stupidly volunteered myself as the sacrificial lamb (aka “Team Captain”). I assume it will be equal parts exhilarating and humiliating, but after all, what is theatre but the willingness to be humiliated for the sake of art?

Adam: After hearing about playmates I was incredibly interested, having participating in my high schools improve team i have always loved improvised theatre

Madeleine: They needed a token girl for the all male drama studio team.


What games are you most hoping to play on the night?

Kelly-Maree: Murder Endowments. I feel this will be very cathartic, knowing my team mates (I’m a very morbid human being). I’m also looking forward to the singing games, as we’ve got a couple of amazing singers on the team. Also, In a…With a…While a.. and Play in the Style I think these are the two most likely to take a bizarre turn.

Adam: Slow mo commentary or foreign language film, as i love they capture the best of both clever dialogue and slap stick

Madeleine: Slow motion commentary is my favourite! Also song, just so my fellow team member, Evan can dominate while i stand in the back and hum


What games do you hope you DON‘T get on the night?

Kelly-Maree: Opera, because I’m hoping that up until this game people will be impressed with my singing ability.

Adam: Song or opera i don’t think anyone on my team can sing.

Madeleine: The four minute games terrify me!


Are you nervous?

Kelly-Maree: Not yet, which is worrying.

Adam: I am always nervous before i perform, its all about overcoming those nerves and using it to enhance your performance.

Madeleine: Hell yes!


Do you think your team can win the Trophy?

Kelly-Maree: If beginners luck is a thing..maybe. We’re in it for the fun.

Adam: I know we can

Madeleine: I think we have a good chance!


Why should people come and watch the show?

Kelly-Maree: Because public spectacle always draws a crowd. The gladiatorial contests never went away, we still enjoy a bit of public humiliation, it’s just a bit gentler in modern society. I promise it’s better than Big Brother.
Also, a night out is always fun, plus the money is going to a good cause.

Adam: This is an incredibly fun night where the audience can get involved and our team has some of the best comedians Wollongong has to offer.

Madeleine: What else are they going to be doing on Saturday night? This is a once in a lifetime (or yearly) event to watch hilarious live theatre…at an affordable price!


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