Meet the Players! Stu (Wollongong Comedy), Evan (The Drama Studio) and Jen (Moonburn)



meetcast 2 Stu Evan Jen

Three Actors from Playmates Illawarra discuss the upcoming evening of improvisation madness. Stu McPherson (Team Captain, Wollongong Comedy),  Jen Jackson  (Moonburn) and Evan Kerr (Team Captain, The Drama Studio)

Why did you chose to perform in Playmates Illawarra?

Stu: I love to step out of my comfort zone and try new experiences.

Jen: I really love improvisation, both performing and watching it. I recently saw Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood (of Whose Line Is It Anyway) at the Sydney Opera House and was just in awe of how quickly they turned the audience suggestions into the most brilliant scenes. It made me that happy as an audience member, I thought it must be amazing to be the actor in a performance like this! I moved to Wollongong not long ago and I hooked up with my Moonburn team for this year’s Playmates Competition.

Evan: Attention and self-satisfaction


What Games do you hope you get on the night?

 Stu: Poem. Gibberish interpreting.

Jen: Word At A Time Letter and Poem are both one minute games that prove to be a lot of fun to participate in. Subtitles is also a lot of fun as there’s a lot of work required to accept the offers made on both sides, those doing the scene, and those translating it for the audience. Its a lot of fun!

Evan: Any and all songs, one word poems, and murder endowments


What Games do you hope you DON’T get on the night?

 Stu: Opera.

Jen: I would really rather not play Opera…! At all. The main reason is two of my other team mates are trained opera singers, and are amazing, too! Once the audience hears them sing and then I burst into the song, I’ll clear out the room pretty dam quick! I hope this doesn’t get back to the other teams who pick our games!! There are a few games that are trickier than others, but this is the main one that I would prefer to stay clear of!

Evan: Mime. My greatest asset is my big mouth.


Are you Nervous?

Stu: Yes. Very much. I once heard Glenn Robbins say that if you aren’t nervous you aren’t trying hard enough. I’ve always taken comfort in that.

Jen: Absolutley. We had our training day over the weekend, and I was nervous just doing that! All the actors from every single company are just fantastic; there are quite a few well seasoned Improv’ers, as well as a few newbies. Its a good nervous though; the whole night will be really exciting and as an actor, walking out onto the stage having no idea what scenes/games you’ll be in, what story you’ll be acting out, the dialogue, everything, is terrifying but exciting! It’ll be a great challenge but a lot of fun. The producer told everyone in the 7 years of Playmates, there has never been a hostile audience. I think it’s a night for fun and laughter, and with the actors committing to every scene, no matter the situation, or whether they make an error, everyone will love it.

Evan: Ask me on the night…


Do you think your team can win the trophy?

Stu: I seriously doubt it.

Jen:  There is no question. Roo Theatre have won it for the last 2 years straight and are looking to continue that trend. But Moonburn are ready to win!

 Evan: 100%


Why should people come and watch the show?

 Stu: It’s one of the few entertainment spectacles that is just as good if the participants mess it up.

Jen: Nowadays, I find a lot of people are turned off by the idea of going to the theatre or seeing a play. This is a happy medium for those people, as well as the regular theatre go-ers. Yes, it is a show, but its also a competition between the Illawarra’s theatre companies, so there is that fun, competitive edge to it. The audience will walk in, just like the actors do, not knowing what to expect! It’s guaranteed to make you laugh, all of the actors are extremely talented and witty. As an audience member you get to witness everything being made up on the spot, and contribute to the scenes by shouting out suggestions. It’s definetley going to be a great night. Most importantly though, this show is supporting a great charity in the Denny Foundation, which does a lot of fantastic work for the homeless and less fortunate.

Evan: You have to come and see this; you wont stop laughing until breakfast the next day.



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