Improvisation Mayham in Stanwell Park

Improvisation Games Fun Night – Stanwell Park Arts Theatre


Stanwell Park Arts Theatre (SPAT) President Wayne Turner ups the ante and SPAT’s Theatre Games Social Evening hosted by Black Box.

Produced by Wayne Turner, Stanwell Park Arts Theatre
Hosted by Luke Berman, Black Box Theatre
Saturday 13th April 2013 at CWA Hall Stanwell Park
Photography Courtney Williams

Saturday Night, Black Box’s Luke Berman hosted an Improvisation social evening for the Stanwell Park Arts Theatre, long term participants of the annual improvisation hit Playmates Illawarra.

With a great turn up to support, a great night was had by all and everyone who attended braved the stage to have a crack at one of the most intimidating performance styles around – improvised theatre.

With no script to rely on, guests were thrown in the deep end with 1, 2 and 3 minute challenges where they had to create brand new songs, poems, as well as create brand new scenes, including an adaption of Jaws in the style of Shakespearean Tragedy.

Thank you to everyone for coming to support and to Wayne Turner for inviting Black Box to host the evening.



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