Playmates Preview

Tonight, eighteen Illawarra actors from five theatre and entertainment companies will share the stage in the seventh annual night of improvisation, fun and friendship. Marching under their company’s banner, each group will field a team of three or four actors who are challenged to create new scenes from the audience and impress the judging panel – and strive to take home the trophy and be crowned 2012 Playmates champions.

Returning in 2012 are last year’s triumphant winners Roo Theatre Company from Shellharbour. Another all boys team who have back-to-back titles firmly in their sights. David Rienitis returns with some new faces, including the talented Adam O’brien and Daniel Stefanovski.

Roo’s battle with the warriors from Stanwell Park will be something to watch for, with the team from S.P.A.T hungry for their first Playmates victory. Fielding an impressive team lead by team captain Rebecca Barrow, alongside Playmates regular Cameron Campbell and Bernadette Le Mesurier, the group is set to wow the crowd, and go completely SPAT-tastic!

Taking the leap from Stand Up to theatre is Wollongong Comedy, with the hilarious Martin Henchion standing in as team captain. With the aid of the outrageous pair of Bryan Goddard and Adam Armitt – Wollongong Comedy are out to have a lot of fun and take the big risks! And with two Irishmen in the same team, the Wollongong Comedy team are sure to wreak havoc.

The Kerr siblings, Evan and Charlotte, will put their sibling rivalry aside and unite against their rivals under the banner of The Drama Studio alongside the very funny Eamonn McNamara and Elizabeth Ray. All eyes will be on this team, who were outstanding on the one and only training rehearsal last Sunday. This team may be tough to beat!

Also returning for their seventh Playmates will be the University team, this time with a young and exciting trio made up of both current second year performance students Lauren Killey and Claire Fenwicke alongside the gifted Aiden Cairns, a graduate of the Faculty of Creative Arts. These future stars will be keen to show the others how its done!

The stage is set, the battle lines have been drawn and now it is time for the Players to risk all for your entertainment and pleasure. Be sure to get yourself to the Wollongong City Diggers Club tonight and join in the fun and laughter.

Let’s play, mates.

“Playmates is possibly one of the greatest things to bridge together all theatre companies. Community theatre is all about friendships and love of theatre. It’s wonderful when we can all come together and have a night full of laughs and great entertainment. Playmates is more than a night of competition, It’s a night of FUN and showcasing individual and group talents.” – Josif Jovanovski, Artistic Director Roo Theatre

“Sometimes you have to do something even if its wrong.” – Bryan Goddard, Wollongong Comedy

“Let the games begin.” – Wayne Turner, President Stanwell Park Arts Theatre

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