Please note due to circumstances beyond our control, ShortMasters has been postponed. It will likely take place during Black Box Theatre’s 2019 Season.

ShortMasters is an anthology of short plays that have all been directed by Luke Berman at Sydney’s Short+Sweet theatre festival over the last decade. This diverse set of short plays will be performed by a small ensemble of actors, taking on various roles in the production.

Includes award winning plays, including Short+Sweet Gala Finalists Time Squad, The Quality of Life and Hayaati, as well as People’s Choice winning plays Snail Mail, The Commuter and Three In One.

Little Blue Pills by Gary Abrahms

Ill Met By Moonlight by Jodi McAlister

Doctor’s Orders by Tom Peach

Three In One by Cheryl Pomering

Time Squad by Alexander Cuff

Underneath A Suicide Cow by Katie Pollock

Snail Mail by Peter Bloem

The Commuter by Trevar Chilver

Hayaati by Dania Noir

Raghead by Tom Coash

The Quality of Life by Sevgi Murphy